Your advertising investment shouldn’t be an exercise in hope and belief.

Quite simply, it must be measurable, accountable, and continually improved.

MIME Analytics was formed on the premise that through focus and attention (and some smart technology and thinking), advertising can not only be accountable, it could also be a primary driver of business growth and bottom-line commercial success. We have a track record of achieving these results with a wide range of clients across a number of industry sectors.

We are always working on our clients’ sides of the table and we make it our business to understand their business and do what’s right for them. We have vast experience in Marketing and Media Strategy, Media Buying, Retail Network Planning as well as Media Analysis and Evaluation.

We’re about people

We hire experts with proven track records. Individually and collectively, this expertise and business focus provides clients with innovative,strategically aligned creative ideas and measurable outcomes.

Clients enjoy the assurance of working alongside a team of people whose advice is not only commercially robust, but practical as well. In addition to the core team, we have relationships with measurement, IT, creative and media supplier partners who augment our own in-house products and services as and when they’re needed.

Proud to be independent

We’re fully independent – we own, run, and are passionate about our business, adding value for our clients. We’re a small, nimble, responsive team and, crucially, clients trust our advice because we sit on their side of the table. If advertising investment is optimised, then everyone is successful. It’s a ‘team’ thing and commits everyone to the same goals – yours.

The fact that we are independent of media suppliers and free of commissions means that our advice is purely for your benefit and no-one else’s.